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The East End of Toronto needs no preface or introduction.


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NVSBLE Development dreamt up BIBLIO Lofts out of the desire to give Toronto more multi-family buildings in beautiful neighbourhoods. Buildings that are compatible with the low-rise residences that make those areas so appealing. Missing middle buildings—like Biblio—are good neighbours. They don’t tower over the existing skyline, and they don’t steal anyone else’s spotlight.


Since BIBLIO Lofts will be a neighbour to the historic and beautiful Queen and Saulter branch of the Toronto Public Library, Biography knew we had to create a fresh narrative for people to dive into. The name, the upended “B” logo (also evocative of an open book with a bookmark), our website, brochure, and the bold dare “Go ahead, judge us by our cover” emblazoned on BIBLIO’s sales centre-turned-custom installation we all born out of the desire to build a new narrative whose pages people couldn’t help but get lost in.


Welcome to the most compelling story Toronto has to offer: yours. 30 responsible, design-driven residences; unique luxurious loft-style condos, faithfully laid out to be well lived-in. All bound in an elegant package designed by architects BDP Quadrangle to be in constant conversation with its surroundings. The interiors and furnishings have been thoughtfully curated by boutique design firm Commute Design Studio with comfort in mind, inside and out.