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Skale is a collective group of passionate, like-minded individuals who live and breathe design. Together, they are dedicated to the harmony of form and function.

Image of Cranbrooke


356 Cranbrooke Ave

Image of Benson


Mill Pond

With a combined 50 years’ experience, and many more spent absorbing and drawing upon inspiration from all over the world, Skale understands that form without function is form without purpose. And that spaces with meaning start with understanding the people who will occupy them.

450 Woburn

Bedford Park

Image of 746 Avenue Rd

746 Avenue Rd

Forest Hill South

Image of 547 Eglinton Ave E

547 Eglinton Ave E

Mount Pleasant East

Revitalizing expectations through thoughtful design one beautiful building at a time, Skale does not believe in maximizing space — we believe in optimizing it.

Hunt St.

Mill Pond