This as every visionary knows, is a rare moment of opportunity: one that rewards creativity and compensates companies that have learned to cultivate the brilliance of individuals and instill an effective process for innovation. Despite commonly held beliefs, real invention is rarely the terminus of a carefully developed brief. It begins before the assignment is written, and is inevitably the difference between efforts that lead to meaningful new ideas and those that produce derivative results. It is an ability to identify inchoate opportunities and see openings where others can’t. Invention should never be saved for problem solving. It should be engaged first to recognize the most rewarding problems to solve. Design can create desire, improve intelligence, impact productivity, speak volumes and start a revolution.

At Biography, we take the approach that successful communication begins by immersing ourselves with our clients to fully understand their business, audience, culture and vision. Only then can we begin to deliver their message. This philosophy also extends to providing appropriate expertise in areas of media, production and budget issues. In today’s clutter of information, we are committed to producing innovative concepts that clarify and identify your product/services.

Biography leads a talented team that lives and breathes design. We get inspired by doing good work for good clients. This has provided us the opportunity to build a special network of suppliers including printers, photographers, writers, strategists, illustrators and contractors which we rely on dearly. This has served us well, garnering us countless industry recognition and awards Nationally and Internationally for our design work.

Biography’s main focus is on collaborative design solutions in various industries including Restaurant/Hospitality, Interior Design, Environmental, Film and Entertainment, Architecture, Furniture/Product Design, Real Estate, Luxury Retail and Publishing. Biography is well known for creating innovative, intelligent and memorable visual identity and brand initiatives. Other services include Annual Reports, Packaging, Way-finding systems, Environmental Graphics, Graphic Installations, Book/Magazine Design, Brand Initiatives and Web Design.


Marlo Onilla has been working in the design industry for 20+ years, and has been vital to Biography’s success since its inception. A fine blend of creative vision and project objectives, Marlo is mainly responsible for the firm’s development, creative leadership and team management.

As Design Director and Founder, Marlo pursues effective and appropriate solutions while leading clients in the areas of brand development, corporate identity and strategic communications.

Devoid of ego Marlo is not your typical creative type. A staunch advocate of appropriateness of design, Marlo’s years of experience belie his youthful appearance. His passion for design is a reflection of his persona, and strives for excellence in all that he pursues. Marlo approaches each given design without any preconceived notions dictated by any industry or discipline, and allows his design sensibilities to new territories through collaborations with other creative visionaries alike.

A design professional since 1993, Marlo has garnered numerous prestigious awards for design excellence. His work has been recognized in every leading design publications nationally and internationally such as Communication Arts, The Advertising and Design Club of Canada, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Art Directors Club, Coupe Magazine, How Magazine, Applied arts Magazine, Type Directors Club and Print Magazine just to name a few.