The branding for El Catrin lends itself heavily to the context of the name that inspired it, the culture that so colourfully begged to be represented and the creative freedom to tell a visual story like no other. Catrin is a Spanish word used within Mexico to mean gentlemen, but additionally associated with the spirit of a traditional dapper man. El Catrin, is also a character within a set of traditional Mexican Loteria cards, who wears a top hat and monocle; and although he is the star of the brand, he lacks no friends and is accompanied by a score of additional characters from the Mexican Loteria. The set of seven characters are mixed and matched to assemble a dynamic and charismatic cast that are featured throughout the restaurant’s menu and additional collaterals. This cheeky series captures the vibrancy and playfulness present throughout Mexican Cuture, without narrowly focusing on a single aspect.

The El Catrin wordmark itself pays homage to the vernacular typography present in vintage Mexican signage; its bold appearance interplaying without he bright colours present throughout the brand. Attention to materials was also considered,with the use of craft board soaking in the bright colours of the visuals beautifully. The tactility of the brand was further enhanced with the use of punctured holes that capture the light and reveal hidden drawings of the lucho chickens, and feisty scorpions. Each graphic component came together to compliment and elevate the elements of the interior space. The result is an experience filled with flair and cultural panache, bringing to life the character of El Catrin.

  • client // cityscape development corp.
  • project // brand development
  • name generation / logo
  • promotional collateral
  • menus
  • stationery system
  • restaurant uniforms
  • wayfindings/signages
  • merchandise
  • graphic installations
  • website design

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