The branding for Cluny lends itself well to this modern day French bistro. Cluny has a basis in French culture which led to the very Parisian interior design but with a twist; a cheeky, punchy personality. This lead us to design characters that one might see in a vintage circus, with a unique etching art style.This sense of a unique modern, French-styled culinary experience started bleeding into other avenues of the development. From the striped uniforms, reminiscent of Paris fashion, to the name, inspired by the French monastery in Saône-et-Loire, France. We ended up using this etched art style that we had created the characters with to create a cohesive visual identity across not only the menus and collaterals but the hand painted graphics in the restaurant that decorate the tiles and windows due to the amount of space provided by the high ceilings and large floor space.

  • client // cityscape development corp.
  • project // brand development
  • name origination
  • visual identity, stationery
  • menus
  • uniforms
  • plateware
  • custom graphics
  • website design
  • signage/wayfinding
  • retail merchandising

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